What We Do.

Imagine being inside a hotel room. You open the door to the corridor, and across the corridor is another hotel room. We’re building those two hotel rooms and corridor in a factory while the hotel site is being prepared. We ship them to the site, and stack them in a fraction of the time it would take to build the hotel with conventional construction. The bathrooms are completed, carpet and beds are installed, and the art is on the walls.

Controlling cost while reducing the risk of costly change orders.

As the developer/owner, you’ll shorten your build time, receive revenue quicker, and shorten your construction loan time. In addition, you’ll no longer have a parking lot full of cargo containers filled with FF&E that is then hauled through your new building, scraping the new walls and destroying the brand new carpet. We remove that hassle. The FF&E is fully installed in our factory.

Teamwork. Excellence. Relationships.
It’s how we work.

1 THE TEAM: Assembling a good team around you is everything. Considering what you will spend on a project, large or small, you still want it done right, on time, and within budget. We take a collaborative approach with architectural and engineering experts from within the industry to get your project started and on the right track.

2 OUR ORGANIZATION: Developing and maintaining a virtual organization is an ongoing process, but one important step is to create clearly defined roles, responsibilities and handoffs. By explicitly defining cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams within our organization, each individual understands how he or she fits into the larger picture, and what they are responsible for.

3 THE CUSTOMER-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP: We'll help close the gap on the customer-supplier relationship. Understanding who is relying on you and whom you rely on is essential to ensuring work gets done efficiently.


Considering a modular building project?

If It's Not Good For the Owner, We Won't Build It!