Best GEN Modular has acquired Superior Building Systems and Superior Homes

The Superior Building Systems factory in Watertown, SD and the Superior Homes factory in Madison, SD are now part of the Best GENeration in modular.


Turn-Key Modular Multi-Family & Hospitality Solutions

Introducing the Best GENeration in modular. Best GEN Modular is working relentlessly to be the most innovative, permanent volumetric modular manufacturing company in North America. We're utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate turn-key multi-family and hospitality solutions in deliverable modular sections. If you want the best, build it the Best GEN way!

S.M.A.R.T. Modular Manufacturing

SUSTAINABLE designs. MEASURABLE methods. ARCHITECTURAL excellence. REDUCED environmental impact. TECHNOLOGICALLY visualized.

  • SUSTAINABLE designs

    Incorporating and integrating a variety of strategies during the structural design and manufacturing construction process of modular projects.

  • MEASURABLE methods

    Improving the owner’s experience, improving quality and efficiency, reducing change orders, ensuring compliance, while providing continuous improvement on a deliverable product

  • ARCHITECTURAL excellence

    We’re strategically partnering with Architectural firms who respect and strengthen the disruption and innovation of the permanent modular construction process in order to provide excellence for the owners, communities and environment

  • REDUCED environmental impact

    Permanent Modular Construction significantly reduces the carbon footprint and overall environmental impact at the construction site. Our modular products are built in a factory; inside a controlled environment, utilizing steel construction for reduced waste that is recyclable.

  • TECHNOLOGICALLY visualized

    We are utilizing BIM technology and key software platforms to assist in transforming the design-build phase and manufacturing process.

Commercial Modular Is What We Do

The New Standard in Permanent Modular Construction

Off-Site Modular Manufacturing

We provide consistent, forward-planning, early in the decision making process to reduce risk, minimize schedule changes and cost increases, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and work ethic.

With a Spirit of Excellence, We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

Development Management

We are Turn-Key. We’re the only manufacturer to assist owners in managing the design, construction and opening process.

The percentage of construction time
you'll save with modular

The number of days you'll be open, earlier
than you would be with conventional construction

Modular has to be a good fit for the developer/owner. If it doesn’t make sense for the owner, we won’t do it.

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